Plans Underway For Five Simultaneous Raids

Our recent work in December was incredibly fruitful. In the country we visited, national police are now working on five separate cases as a result of the information we were able to pass on to them.

Almost a month has passed since then. It is difficult to think of the suffering that the survivors we met are still having to endure. But this is one of the challenges in the fight against human trafficking. Freedom for these children and teenagers depends on enough evidence and a rescue plan that is guaranteed to succeed. It is a game of patience.

But there is exciting news. The police, together with our partner NGOs in the country, have an ambitious plan. They soon hope to conduct five raids simultaneously. The element of surprise should mean that the maximum number of survivors can be rescued and the maximum number of arrests be made.

As we write this update, our local NGO partners are tireless in their work with the police. They are doing an awesome job, and we are confident of a fantastic outcome.

Thank you again for your partnership. We couldn’t do it without you!

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