How are we helping?

We are a nonprofit organization focused on eradicating child-sex trafficking. Our highly trained and vetted operators investigate and collaborate with law enforcement to bring traffickers to justice and free children from slavery. We train and collaborate with other NGOs to improve standards and efficiencies across the board.

SOTC Jump Team

SOTC Jump Teams primarily consist of ex-law enforcement, military and intelligence personnel, however in some cases have been drawn from other anti-human trafficking NGOs. These personnel are then trained and vetted through Shield in areas such as: Surveillance; Counter-surveillance; Human Intelligence; Communications and Physical Security; Cyber and Physical Investigative Practices; Security Culture; Cultural Intelligence; Contact Reporting; Report-writing; Network Analysis; Crew Resource Management; and much more prior to deploying on operations. If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in please don’t hesitate to contact us and begin the vetting process!

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