Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Response

Refugees are one of the most vulnerable people groups targeted by traffickers. People fleeing conflict zones are traumatized, desperate for help, and often don’t speak the language of their receiving country. This is compounded by other factors such as gender, age, and legal immigration status. The Ukrainian refugee crisis poses a special problem because nearly everyone is a woman or child as the men are staying behind to fight for their country. Our first-hand accounts from the field are showing that traffickers are poised and ready to take full advantage of these individuals, waiting at transit points to offer rides or looking at Facebook groups where refugees are asking for help.

Shield of the Children is sending teams to the border to prevent this trafficking from happening. Prevention workers are handing out literature with tips to stay safe, training aid organizations on human trafficking in conflict zones, and redirecting refugees to safe shelter. By mitigating the risks faced by this people group, we can shield these beautiful people from further loss.

Join us. Raise your shield to help the people of Ukraine and consider donating to the cause. Under our giving page, write “Ukraine” in the notes.

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