2019 so far

It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of June! This year we’ve already conducted an operation in South-East Asia, targeting several paedophiles exploiting two groups of street children in-country. One of these men has been living in that very city for over 9 years.

We began this operation in response to a request from a local non-government organisations working with vulnerable children. We have since evolved it in to a collaborative effort involving personnel from 3 organisations investigating.

Shield has conducted two separate trips (February and June) so far and the cases are progressing well. There has been one arrest and two more are in the works.

We have also spent time with 7 other non-government organisations , as well as several law enforcement agencies in training and discussions surrounding how to best work together and collaborate. This will be something we always do in order to be at the forefront of best practice.

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